Jimmy, whatever you do. Don't open the flood gate. You got that Jimmy? NO JIMMY, I SAID DON'T! ARE YOU DEAF?!



A large open swamp with small islands, there is a tent on one of the islands that has an ammo box in it. On the mainland there is a house that has 2 ammo boxes in it. next to the house there are 2 piles of logs, one of the log piles has an ammo box on it. On the opposite side of the map there is a small building that has an ammo station in it that has a transport truck and a smaller car.




  • If you have a sniper rifle like the AWP or the M1 Garand, it's recommended to bring it due to the open space on this map.
  • The Riot zombie is very effective on this map because of its black outfit, making it hard to spot.
  • You can get up to one of the house's roofs.
    • Keep in mind that there are 2 zombie spawn points near-by.
  • The ammo boxes are spread around the map, keep moving to avoid getting swarmed without any ammo.


  • The first map to have none-killing water.
  • The firepit in the middle of the map does not harm zombies or survivors.
  • The water does not block the player's shots, nor zombie attacks.
  • The second map to have night time.