Note: these logs refer to the official Dread release onwards.

1.04 (The Christmas Update) - December 12th, 2018

+Christmas Campaign: 4 waves, 1 boss and defeating the boss gives a special gift.
+2 New Gifts: Happy Gift of Participation and Angry Gift of Victory (both can be opened on the 7th of January).
+Zombies now have Christmas hat!
+Dead land receive its own Christmas version!
+2 Gamemodes: Assasination and Outbreak
+3 Taunts: Wave, Frog Dance and Balkan Dance
+Category: Co-op. Fight waves zombies with your friends or yourself!
+Round win reward: Survivors are now awarded cash when they completed a round of any gamemodes.
+Friend system: used to join their co-op/campaign mission.
+Tips system: Player with rank 5 or less will receive game tips, while higher rank will receive fun facts related to the game.
+Riot/Juggernaunt ‘s shield now have durability. The total health of the shield is 350HP.
*Bloodsucker statistics changed: Damage 14 => 9 | Walkspeed ?? => 25 | Health 50 => 75.
*The store now adapts to your rank and cash in real-time. No longer requires to rejoin to buy weapons.
*Bulletholes now disappear faster than before.
*New countdown system.
*Better spectate system.
*New Ragdoll system.
*You cannot camp on the trees in Lost Business anymore.
*The same goes for the camping spot near the van in Coastline.
*AI zombies now have a consistent respawn time.
-Riot zombies are now able to jump, with a con of a lower run speed (while jumping only).
-Pressing I now zooms in your camera, while O zooms out your camera (for players don’t have
mouse wheel).
-Normal Zombie’s kill reward changed: from 20 D$ and 5 XP => 25 D$ and 10 XP

1.03 (Unknown):

1.02 (Unknown):

1.01 (Fix & Balance):

(Warning: This list can be changed anytime soon. It is based on the leaks BakonBot gave)

+Added new weapon - Spas 12
+Added new weapon - AWP
+Added new weapon - M1911
+Added new weapon - MP5
+Added new weapon - RPK
+Added new weapon - M1887
+Added new weapon - M1 Garand
-Removed USP45
+Added new gamemode - Hardcore
*Fixed bullets to work with 1 remote event instead of each for player
*Fixed chat 
        +Added money indicator in the menu
        +Added rank indicator in the menu
        -Stats reset (ROBUX purchases will be rewarded with 2x cash)
        -Removed baseplate
        +Water now damages you
        +Added more tips
        *Fixed stamina bar
*Fixed sound issues
*Bullets changed from physic based to instant
*Fixed keyboard being droppable
*Rebalanced all weapons to their real life counterparts
*Fixed game breaking bugs
*New AK-47 mesh
*New M16A1 mesh
-GUIs have been redesgined
-Door have been given a new look and reworked. They can't also be pushed anymore
      *Press "E" to open
-Map "Dead Lands" has been Remastered
-Spectate GUI has been Updated
-New maps have been added:Watergate, Pay Town, Coastline
-New Camera System has been added
-Survival Gamemode has been reworked
*Most gun meshes has been are changed
*Players are now able to aim down the sights by pressing right click

1.00 (Release) - Agust 25th, 2017

-Release of the game


  • In Update 1.04, although the gifts could be opened on January 7th, 2019 (a.k.a. the next update), Update 1.05 was delayed up to ? days.