The Franchi SPAS-12 is a high tier combat shotgun which has 6 shells loaded in (due to the short barrel).


  • Use this shotgun at short range, since shotgun's range is pretty low.
  • If you are reloading and in danger, you can always press the fire button to cancel the reload and shoot.
  • Remember to ADS to guarantee the kill upclose.
  • The high damage and the low peller count makes this weapon decent for mid-to-long range shooting.


  • The second shotgun added to the game.
  • This gun may or may not be a downgraded M1887.
    • Even if the Spas-12 is higher in both rank and cost than the M1887.
      • The diffrence is in the accuracy, the damage, the ammo and the firerate.
      • The Spas-12 still has the damage advantage over the M1887.