The Riot Zombie is an special zombie for Dread, it has 150 HP, has a baton in their right hand being able to deal high damage to a survivor, and has a shield to deflect bullets. With a tradeoff of a slow 10 walkspeed, but being able to run at 22 walkspeed (a non-sprinting survivor) for a short amount of time. They also have armor that prevents half the damage from Weapons when shot in the head or torso.


Attack (Left Mouse Click): The Riot Zombie swings their baton. Upon hitting a survivor, it deals high damage. (Maybe 20+ DMG?)

Charge(Left Shift): The Riot Zombie Sprints with walkspeed similiar to sprinting survivor

Note: The information above is from a Discord announcement post by BakonBot on 08/24/2018, expect more things to change as time goes on.



  • Headshots are important due to the armor, so try to hit as many as you can.
  • Tactics may change depending on the weapon you are using.
    • If using a shotgun, try to use your secondary to kill the Riot Zombie instead from a range, since close range is very risky due to the armor & shield they have, along with a high damaging baton.
  • If a Riot Zombie has their shield out, but is not walking towards you but instead another survivor. Try to get behind & use your weapon to deal damage.


  • Try to use yourself as an distraction by using your shield to protect yourself while slowly walking towards the enemy while your fellow zombies are attempting to rush in for the kill.
    • If the survivor is killing your fellow zombies, try to rush in with the baton & try to hit the survivor, potentially killing them.