Welcome to Paytown, Philadelphia

—BlameItOnElijah and mattgrant


This town has been abandoned for 4 years located (Unknown)

With 6 buildings and a cinema making the map very small, the survivors spawn in a small island across the town, there is a bridge that you can use to cross over.


When the apocalypse started a group of survivors camping in the jungle found a small town located opposite to them, they didn't know that it also had zombies. Some survivors have died or went missing while trying to survive in that town.


  • Camping on the roofs can be a good spot to camp on and survive.
    • There is only 2 ammo boxes, one on top, and one in the alleyway.
    • Keep in mind that there is 2 zombie spawn near-by.
  • Most zombie spawns are in the town, so camping across the bridge is one way to survive.
    • There is 2 ammo boxes spotted in the corners of the road connecting player spawn and the bridge.
    • Keep in mind that there is 3 zombies spawns near-by, one in the middle of the bridge, and others in the road.
  • A.I zombies struggle to cross the bridge, use this to your advantage to holdout in the other side and survive.
  • Bringing a long range weapon like the AWP and M1 Garand will allow you to easilly shot down zombies from across the town, and from the small spawn island.
  • The Riot Zombie gives the zombie team a chance to push over the other side of the bridge, in case the survivors are camping there.


  • Unlike Coastline, the glass in this map is not breakable.
  • The water will insta-kill any zombie or survivor upon touch.
  • There is few easter eggs hidden all around the map.