Maps are an essential in Dread gameplay as without them where will you be killing zombies (or humans)?

Current Maps

Luton Parkway
RobloxScreenShot20180620 173747537
Pay Town
Luton Parkway Derailed Pay Town Watergate
Dead Lands Remastered
Dead Lands Remastered Coastline

Upcoming Maps

  • Hurricane
  • Unknown (FutureRave)
  • Chernobyl (Noobymcnoobnooberson, Andrew8202)
  • Pay Town Remastered (mattgrant, BlameItOnElijah)
  • Unknown (Dan_Minery, voong_way,...)
  • Dead District (wiktormot, WokenDeveloper)
Unknown (brolion1)

Removed Maps

Derailed old
Dead Lands (Old) Derailed (Old) Highway Baseplate

Want to make a map for Dread?

You can make a map for Dread whenever you feel like making one. Your map needs to follow the map guidelines. If it does follow the map guidelines, you can submit the map in the Map Submission section on the discussion board

Map guidelines:

  • Needs to follow Dread's artstyle (Semi-realistic)
  • Needs to have a capability of holding 15-24 players without any problems
  • Needs to run easily on an average gaming PC
  • Doors need to be X = 5.27, Y = 7.729, Z = 0.586