I feel like I'm playing Sniper Elite when I use this...



The M1 Garand is a 30 cal. Semi-Automatic Rifle, and is the first of its kind in Dread.

It's used as a sniper, for longer ranged purposes.


Survivors complained that they had trouble shooting enemies from longer distances, due to there being no longer ranged weaponry in the arsenal.

Hearing from their complaints, weapon manufacturer "Nooby" decided to start creating, and distributing the M1 Garand to survivors in need.


  • The M1 Garand's full potential is when it is used at longer ranges, as you can deal lots of damage but stay far away from your enemies.
  • Aim for the head in Deathmatch, as it will stun your enemies so you can finish them off.


  • This is the first true sniper type weapon to be released in Dread.
    • The Rifle, while looking like a sniper type weapon, wasn't scripted like one.