The M1887 is a Lever-Action shotgun. It reloads one shell at a time and has a decent accuracy.

It's best used in short-to-mid range and somewhat decent for mid-to-long range shooting.


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  • The reloading animation can be interrupted, so use this to your advantage.
    • You can shot while reloading, but can't ADS.
    • Switch quickly to your secondary, then back to the M1887 to interrupt the reloading and shot while ADS.
  • This weapon is semi-usable on range.
    • Try standing still while ADS if you try doing so.


  • The third shotgun to be added to the game
  • This gun may or may not be better than Spas-12.
    • The M1887 fires overall faster, and is more accurate while using ADS and standing still than the Spas-12.
    • Even if it higher rank & costs more than M1887.
    • The Spas-12 still has the damage and range advantage over the M1887.
  • This gun fires less pellets than the Double-Barreled Shotgun.
    • Which is the same amount of the Spas-12, that fires 6 pellets.