Made in 1969, this rifle still holds up-to-date as true American glory and a pretty effective way of holding off the zombie horde.

—Patriotic Survivor.






  • This is more accurate than the AK-47 and the RPK, use it to your advantage.
    • This allows you to use this gun at long ranges.
  • This weapon has a high rate of fire, use this to kill zombies quickly, and shred tanky zombies like the Riot Police zombie.
    • Keep in mind that the faster the firerate, the faster your ammo drains.
    • Aim for the head to both conserve ammo and kill zombies faster.


  • This weapon used to be burst-shot, this was only in the beta version of Dread.
  • This weapon was in the service of the United States for ages until better versions of the M16s came.
    • It was used during the Vietnam war as well.